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 Larry Rust in Austria

Larry Rust was Keyboardist/Vocalist for Classic Rock Legend
"Iron Butterfly" 1999-2005
Larry Rust is now a solo artist, writing and producing his music
And producing CD's for other artists.

Owen Avenue Records and Multimedia
is the creation of music producer, arranger,
composer, keyboardist and vocalist, Larry Rust

 Larry Rust has charmed the audiences, while playing with Iron Butterfly,
in USA, Europe, and South America.
And has a fan base in all those countries.
Larry Rust is a musician that became involved in music at the age of 8.
Started with classical training for 7 years.
Playing in bands at the age of 14.
He had been involved with Midi and Midi Computer sequencing
since the beginning.
He has been involved in recording for the past 28 years
developing his Engineering and Producer skills
with tastes of the old style and the new style of producing records.
He is also heavily involved in writing soundtrack music
for feature films or industrial film.
With experience in recording R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz,Contemporary Gospel,
Rock, Pop, Rap & Country,
Larry Rust has a well rounded talent for recording.
Larry Rust now owns a recording studio, in his home for
private production projects of Owen Avenue Productions
Also composing for Film Lease Libraries including
The Firstcom/Hollywood Film Library/ BMG
He has done scoring for film & TV
Including shows for History Channel
Larry has many CD’s of his own music he has produced.
Larry is featured in 2 Live DVDs with Iron Butterfly.
Living Legends of Rock & Roll Live from Itchycoo Park Festival 1999
Featured as Keyboardist & Vocalist for Iron Butterfly
Rock & Roll Greats Iron Butterfly
Full length concert from Itchycoo Park Festival 1999
Featured as Keyboardist & Vocalist for Iron Butterfly

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