WebsiteMaintenance Program

Itis important to keep information on your website up to date.
When people return to your site a month or two later they want to know what's new.
You want your clients to get the most updated information on your products or services.
Generally not all of your website pages need updating every month.
But generally, one to two pages a month (unless you have added new services or products
to your business that need to be added) need to be updated.
For example a feature product page, what's new page, company news updates, etc.

Wehave found that some clients don't want to do this type of maintenance or don't havetime to do it.
Some clients that think they can tackle it, end up messing up several pages of theirwebsite
and then have to spend more money for us to straighten it out.
Even though there is a bunch of new products on the shelf for website design today,
HTML (the underlying language for web pages) can be tricky to the novice.
One little mistake can cause you to pull out your hair for hours.

Weat Owen Avenue can offer you a monthly maintenance program
that will be tailored to fit your company's needs. According to your needs,
maintenance programs start as low as $100 a month.
We can also add pages to your existing site to add new information.

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