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Whydoes your company need a Website?
An on-line presence for your company is simply a part (an increasingly biggerpart!) of
your business' overall marketing strategy and effort. After you read the followingbasic
information common to most Websites
about on-line advertising and marketing evaluation by a member of our experiencedstaff.

Thereare several reasons a Website will be beneficial to your company:
You suddenly are on an equal footing, opportunity wise with the largest companies.
You can reach a potential 30 to 50 million people worldwide, or reach a strong, qualifiedmarket locally.
You have free demographics and market research gathering capability from both theInternet and from
visitors to your Website. You can gather information about your competitors who areon-line as well as
information that can help your business in general. You can allow customers to accessinformation about
your company, obtain product and service information, support, updates , and news.You will reduce
phone charges, fax charges, paper, mailing costs, printing costs, and office personnel.You will
participate in a fast-growing, interactive, multimedia environment at a fractionof
traditional print and television advertising costs. You will increase profit!

Did you know that . . .
Approximately 37 million Americans have Internet access
25% of Web users have household incomes exceeding $80,000.00 per year.
64% of Web users hold college degrees
On-line usage of the Internet exceeds total rental video play time nationwide.
The largest age group of Internet users is between 25 and 44 years of age.
A Website is a business tool, not just an advertising banner in cyberspace.
So the company needs a Website, what should be, or not be on it?

You should NOT:
Merely transpose conventional, print advertising media display static or unchanginginformation.
Misuse and clutter your site with every new Web tool or graphic. Set your site upand forget about it
Use an inexperienced website developer with no resources!

You SHOULD have:
Clear, logical information that is well-organized, maintained, and fits in withyour current and
overall company image. Interactive means of communicating with your clients.
Creativity in design and graphics and/or audio, video, etc.
A customized registration, order, or contact Email form.
A custom domain name (
An up-datable"what's new", "frequently asked questions", or "hotlinks" list.
A means to keep changing information and coming up with new ideas
An experienced World Wide Web services firm to assist you or provide full turnkeyInternet solutions!

OK. How can Owen Avenue help me?
Owen Avenue, is a premier Internet and World Wide Web services firm located inthe Eureka California.
Call 1-707-440-2900 for a free, customized on-line advertising and marketing evaluationby a member
of our experienced staff. Our award winning development team will view your existingbusiness
promotional materials, help you design a rough Website sketch, provide some creativeinput,
and give you a project bid to develop your site. Once you supply any text or imageswe may need,
we will get going! Be sure to check out our client list to see some
of the work we do! We can simply provide you with a professional presence,
or we can do full custom graphic design, multimedia, JAVA, CGI, database solutions,
shopping cart mechanisms, secure forms, customized Email, and more!

Once your site is designed, you will need to select a good host. A host is simplya reliable and
high-speed network where your Website physically resides so everyone in the worldwith
Internet access can view it. We suggest that you advertise your Website address,Email address,
and points about your Website in all of your promotional materials and business cards.
You may want to run ads just for the purpose of promoting your Website.
Check out your competition on-line. Visit industry related sites and negotiate alisting
and/or reciprocal link to your site.
Don't forget the experts are here to help you!
Email us

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