Larry Rust
Is Seeking Professional Artist Management

I am seeking Professional Artist Management from someone in the business
that has the contacts and politics to represent me and sell my services.

I have many talents and services to offer.

I seek to secure Distribution through a major Distributor for my
13 CD's that I have already completed, with more in production at present.
Larry Rust "Greatest Hits" May 2012
1 CD
"Obsession" Pop / Rock / R&B Timeless Classics
1 - CD
"Love Songs From The Heart" of Love ballads.
8 - CD's “Genesis of Sacred Love” (with more to come)
for Tantric Lovemaking, Meditation, Massage, Relaxation and Healing.
1 - CD “Miami Nights” of Instrumental Jazz.
1 - CD
"Dancin' In Wonderland" of Dance / Exercise Music with Jazz Overtones.

I am a professional Keyboardist who has toured with Classic Rock band
"Iron Butterfly'" for the past 6 years.

Classical piano trained from age 8. I have been in music industry since teens.

I have done studio work as keyboardist, sequencing and programming
for many major recording artists, and independent record labels.

I seek to Produce Album & Demo Projects for other artists
I am a Producer and have my own studio in my house.

In past been a head engineer at a large recording studio
in Atlanta, GA for 3 yrs. during 90's.

I am a great composer and write many styles of music
from Rock, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Jazz, New Age
I seek to get a
writers contract with a major publishing company,
or to place songs with other major recording artists.

I am also a great arranger and great at sequencing midi tracks
for pre-production of major album or demo projects.

I am also a talented vocalist with Lead Vocals
and Back Ground Vocal skills and BG Vocal arranging.

In all the samples you hear on my website, all the music tracks,
vocals and back ground vocals
are performed by me.
All are produced and engineered by me.

I want to pursue more in composing for Film and TV Music Scores
I have done some history channel shows, independent films
and had my music in Movies of the week on TV and many TV shows
I also have music in
Hollywood Film Library / Firstcom
I seek to secure a writers contract with a major film lease library.

I seek to compose and produce music for National / Local TV & Radio Commercials.
And have done several National & local TV and radio
Commercials with another partner.

My website is:
On my site under About Larry Rust is a resume
of some of the artists I have worked with.
And under
Product and samples, you can hear
mp3 audio clips of my work.
Film Score Composer you can hear
mp3’s of some of my film music.

Thank you for considering to represent me
as an Artist Manager of my career.
Larry Rust

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