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Whatis the web and why do I want my business on it?

The World Wide Web (www or web) is a medium where business owners
can put their business on-line where anyone in the world with a Internet connection can access your website.
They will be able to see a on-line brochure with pictures and text
that will show the world what your business has to offer.
They can leave you email (electronic mail that goes to your electronic mailbox immediately),
or they can fill out an online information form to give you information about them,
what kind of info they need from you, and how for you to get in touch with them.
They can also place orders on-line with their credit cards through secure transactions.
Go here for more reasons why you need a WWW presence and the benefits.

What'sit going to cost me to get my business on the web?

Lately everyone is excited and wanting to get their business on the WWW.
They see the potential for how this is really starting to take off.
They also have heard crazy outrageous figures for how much it would cost to get on the web.
We at Owen Avenue Productions are trying to help business owners like you
who cannot afford to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000
to get a web site designed and get their business on the web.

Designand Layout of Website:

According to what all your business includes
and what all you want to include in your on-line brochure.
A typical site would run $1,200 for a 5 page site,
$2,200 for a 10 page site, and $3,200for a 15 page site.
For more pricing information go here.

Hosting of site (the Internet service provider that stores website.)
According to the traffic and needs, domain name websites
can be rented for as less as $6 a month and up.
We have a few good ones we would like to suggest.

Whatis a domain name?
A domain name is ( for example)
This allows people to enter a shorter and more easy to remember name for your business.
We can research for you if potential domain names are still available.

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